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Hackaton 2019

Questions Ask question and mark them as solved when an answer makes sense to you. API intros Working with open data requires knowing what data is out there and how to access it. Let us help each other and introduce APIs here. One topic - One API. My/Our project Present your work during this hackaton! Service offerings Various services are provided for the participants of the hackaton, in this category you can learn and ask questions about them. Speak with me/us about ... Are you knowledgable about something specific and happy to speak about it with people at the hackaton? How to ... Do you want to help others do something? By posting here, you can improve on your guide over time as others ask questions about it.
Topic Replies Activity
About the Hackaton 2019 category 1 March 30, 2019
Bridgely - Nominee for Education & Science category 2 April 7, 2019
Polisen.se - Get police events 2 April 4, 2019
Speak with me about Wikidata 3 April 4, 2019
JupyterHub - Get started using open data APIs and coding quickly 1 April 4, 2019
Speak to me about: Open Data, MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas 1 April 2, 2019
Speak to me about: Public backlogs and Trust 1 April 2, 2019
Speak to me about: Jupyter 2 April 2, 2019
Speak with me about: Kubernetes and Helm 1 April 1, 2019
How to watch for new topics on the forum 1 April 1, 2019
Introduce yourself 4 April 1, 2019
Speak with me about Ruby on Rails 1 April 1, 2019