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This event is an excellent time to form friendship and connections to others, but it takes a brave first step by someone! We welcome you to introduce yourself here in any way you feel comfortable!


IMPORTANT: Let’s keep this thread as a place for introduction posts only. If you want to speak with a specific person about something, you could either click on them and send them a message or start a new topic and mention them.

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Welcome to the Hack for Sweden forum

Hi I’m Erik Sundell!

I’m very excited about making Jupyter empower education and research across the world. On this hackaton I’ll attempt to provide smooth access to Jupyter environments for anyone to code in - without needing to install anything. Feel free to Speak to me about: Jupyter and come by for a Jupyter sticker for your laptop!

I have a math / physics teacher degree and has worked as a high school teacher for two years. On my spare time I spent time learning about machine learning and encountered Jupyter Notebooks for the first time, so… I started contributing to the open source ecosystem of Jupyter. I’m now working as a data engineer in a data science team for Sandvik where I also get the ability to contribute back to Jupyter as part of my job and that makes me really happy!

Some of my real world heroes right now are:

  • Greta Thunberg for her ability to speak truth to power and encourage climate action.
  • James Hansen and many others for their work supporting nuclear power as a means to combate climate change.
  • Oliver Corradi and the other creators of electricitymap.org, it is perhaps the most beautiful, simple, and important environmental open source project I know of.


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Magnus Sälgö
Old man gave up working 2012 and has since then been doing my own “projects” the last year I have been active with culture data and Wikidata and playing around with a graph database and connect Riksarkivet, Litteraturbanken etc,

Good video how connecting data with data works

the longer version as a TED lecture from the “father” of the internet Tim Berners Lee

I think we will see a big change with the Digitalization but guess the “winner” will be Google/Facebook etc. I guess they have the correct skill matrix and we need to realize that most companies and governments needs to do the same as IKEA who are changing +7500 employees ,

What I have seen so far with Open Data in Sweden is that I miss a commitment and a clear skill matrix what is needed. Instead DIGG is happy over 10 000 followers on Linked In… I am more interested in to see a prioritized backlog what will be delivered next 3 weeks

Lesson learned from WIkidata is that moving Wikipedia to structured information… needs skills and that most people involved feels like they have a PhD in Applied Physics and if we listen to Google about the Knowledge Graph they have…

Simple lesson what they do

and how difficult it is

I think we need more things like setting up discussion like this and the Jupiter playground… The technology is there but we need t have small fast teams that deliver…


I’m Stefan Wallin, a web and app developer. I mostly use dynamic languages such as Ruby, Javascript and Bash-scripting, but I know more than 15 programming languages in total. My company team won Good Tech Hack 2018 (presentation) and my company team was in the top 10 of Hack4Sweden 2018. This year I will be part of the One Team Gov hackathon team

What fires me up is the great ideas to reshape and better improve the society. My main three concerns in life is:

  1. How we will forcefully enough address climate change.
  2. How integrity will be maintained in an era where lot’s of forces are trying to solve hard problems with global surveillance.
  3. How we can apply offentlighetsprincipen to all things that our publicly owned organizations and the government itself does.

I believe that “offentlighetsprincipen” should be applied to the 21st century in a way that isn’t yet done. All data that is mangled through our publicly owned organizations should be available as open data in one form or another, even personal medical data should be available for you as a citizen to trust to individual contractors via a trust federation system.

I will try to host a lunch on the hackathon-friday(2019-04-05) talking with competent people about LOU(lagen om offentlig upphandling) and how we can modernize it with the help of some agility and maybe a set of guidelines. The background for this is the high number of catastrophically failed IT-projects with LOU.