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JupyterHub - Get started using open data APIs and coding quickly


UC Berkeley - A JupyterHub on the cloud support all of these students in their studies involving programming during the Data 8 course.

Do you want to get started coding and trying out some open data APIs out there? Like the students in the picture above, you now have access to a JupyterHub on the cloud. It is available at https://jupyter.se. After you have logged in, you will find a README file, open it and you can start trying code examples from various sources - such as the hack-for-sweden/open-data-examples GitHub repository.

@salgo60 was quick to contribute two examples! One for the AIP by polisen.se to get police events, and another about an API allowing you to get information from the massive Wikipedia project!


To learn the basics of what Jupyter is I’d recommend reading this post as it contains brief time efficient learning resources: https://forum.hackforsweden.se/t/speak-to-me-about-jupyter/26/2.

My motives

I hope for two things:

  1. That this can help hackers do even cooler things
  2. That this could help inspire Sweden to use these tools in educational contexts. It is already a proven concept, so I’m sad not to see it in use.

About the service

  • You get to run code on an 8 CPU core machine, but share it with others.
  • You have 2 GB of storage in your home directory /home/jovyan. It can be increased but requires some manual labour by me.
  • jupyter.se will be available during the event and perhaps a week after or so, maintained only by me so it may have downtime.
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