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Open discussion about the structure of this forum


I’ve tried to come up with a preliminary structure for this forum. What categories, subcategories, tags etc should we have? It is not obvious on how to go about this and there will be tradeoffs no matter how we do it. In general it is a recommendation by Discourse to keep things simple and restructure things as we go, so I’m looking for a reasonably simple foundation initially.

Qualities of the structure I’ve looked for…

  • The structure should be able to make sense after the hackaton and aim to be for H4S in general as well as H4S wants to be something that is not just a yearly event.
  • The structure should focus on supporting the most relevant communication, whatever that now is. Currently I’ve seen and imagine that…
    • People make introductions about themselves individually, I think we should have a single topic for this like in Jupyter’s introduce yourself topic. It should be scoped to the current hackaton.
    • My/Our project - For teams to write about what they do if they feel like sharing
    • How to …
    • Questions
    • Speak with me/us about … - For experts of various fields that wants to make themselves available to help others.

Globally pinned topic

We have a globally pinned topic that should contain a more suitable message than the default one: Welcome to Discourse

Banner topic

There can only be one banner topic, and it will show up in blue for new users until they close it once. This is currently set to be: Welcome to Discourse but it could be different.


Request for input

It would be great to hear your opinion about the structure we currently have and how it should evolve! Just reply to this post.

Relevant knowledge

Watch or Track topics:
This button, found far up to the right, allows you to track what you are viewing. It could be all topics in a category or tag. Read more about it here.

Tags can be attached to a post, allowing users to watch / track those specifically if wanted. For example we could have a how-to tag that makes it easy for users to find such material even though the how-to posts are spread out in different categories.

Private messages:
It is possible to click on a persons name and then click on a message button.

WIKI Posts:
Any post can be turned into a WIKI post which means that it is allowed to be updated and changed by anyone.

Easy to restructure:
It is quite easy to restructure the forum by renaming and moving categories etc or individual topics.


Suggestion: Add a topic WishList

One problem I see with Open Data is that we are missing a dialogue… with a few exceptions we just get some data and then they jump out of the back jack we need a dialogue. Good exception is

  • SMHI and ice data were I saw they asked for feedback

In a market economy you have this dialogue by default. If we are going to start using “Öppen Data” more seriously we need:

  • SLA some kind of Service Level of data delivered
  • we need easy way to ask question
  • understand the change process
  • understand the status of open tasks and what we can expect
  • speak with skilled people and not a Facebook person that is more of a doorkeeper than a doer

Good examples

  • an open prioritized backlogs see Wikidata where you can ask questions and subscribe on interesting tasks…
  • an open Development plan for 2019 with tasks that you can track

@salgo60 perhaps we could invite those representing certain data sources to present themselves and provide an example on how the API can be used in this forum under the #hackaton-2019:speak-with-me-us-about category? I’m thinking that if done in this way, feedback and dialogue may naturally arise as there is so little resistance involved. It is simply one reply button away to open a dialogue about the very concrete example.

I’m aiming to make a #hackaton-2019:how-to entry about providing an API example available to users. I may need more than tonight to do it though.

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Could you elaborate on wish list?
I think it would be great for multiple wish lists!

One for forum.hackforsweden.se - the forum itself,
one for the event,


@Victoria do you have a wish for the forum itself? I wished for this topic to bring fourth wishes about the forum :wink: