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Polisen.se - Get police events


Short description

With this API you can get police related events based on:

  • when - when did the event take place? (2019-04, 2019-04-04, …)
  • where - where did the event take place? (Stockholm, Göteborg, …)
  • what - what kind of event took place? (Theft, Murder, …)

An event response example looks like this:



Code example

A code example is available to run right now in your browser from the hack-for-sweden/open-data-examples git repository by visiting https://jupyter.se or by using https://MyBinder.org.


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Possibilities with dataset I see is if we could define the location as "same as"

Example: Stockholm same as Wikidata Q506250 = Stockholms kommun ==>

  • that we can get the population and an area from Wikidata see picture

We could do the same with Type and say its same as ==> that we could start compare what is reported in Sweden with what is reported in same as categories in other countries