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Speak to me about: Public backlogs and Trust


'Open Data is loosely coupled communities that needs trust between all participants to work… you dont invest time in something you dont believe in. Most people are not convinced by buzzwords like "“Data is the new oil” they need more proof and trust…

Below a modelI used by Future learn “Introduction to strategic doing” were they speak about Trust / Turf —> if you get TRUST then you invest in the relation in another way. My experience is that public backlogs is a key to get Trust


Having backlogs

  • I as an user can easy ask questions and ask for Change requests (CR)
  • we get traceability i.e. I as an user of Open Data can easy see status of a task
  • I get an unique ID of question, change request
  • when you upgrade the software you can see what issues are delivered or not
  • you can publish development plans and its easy to track status of each function
  • there is possible to give feedback on issues/CR
  • there is a clear ownership of the problem and a priority
  • you can subscribe on tasks
  • backlogs should be public so if you have a task with more organisations involved everyone can see the same task/status

Tools I use right now are Phabricator and Github I used when I worked as Scrum master at SEB Jira.

Bad patterns I see with Open Data in Sweden

  • have no unique IDs on issues
  • trying to communicate using Facebook
  • having doorkeepers like facebook admins that adds no value to the process
  • it is impossible to understand the change process --> its impossible to give feedback
  • not using unique IDs --> it cost more time than needed to communicate and is nearly impossible to reference an earlier question…