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Speak with me about: Kubernetes and Helm


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What is Kubernetes and what is Helm

The short version is that Kubernetes allows you to run things, docker containers to be specific, on a cloud. And that with Helm, getting things running on the cloud can in theory become a one liner.

Learning about Kubernetes

These are the best introduction videos I know of, after that the Concepts part of the Kubernetes official documentation is what I’d recommend while you are actually using it in a Kubernetes cluster somewhere. My best experience have been to use Google’s Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Learning about Helm

Helm allows you to install multiple Kubernetes .yaml files grouped to what is called a Helm chart. When you install a Helm chart you provide some values, these will adjust the files before installing them.

This video seems to be suitable as an introduction.

My background

I wanted to help my high school students use Jupyter Notebooks in my math classes, but it took too much effort and time to everything installed correctly in general. But, then I learned about Berkeley University and how they provided access to Jupyter to thousands of students using a Jupyter Hub installed on a cloud with a Helm chart, and that there also was a guide on how to do it, and everything was open source!

I now maintain the Jupyter Hub Helm chart and guide and have done some contributions to the GitLab Helm chart and the Mattermost Team Edition Helm chart.

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